fluids tissue sinews bones blood veins and heat

by natalie braginsky



irrevocable age has borne away
but powerful in old simplicity
as first empedocles of acragas
from others ever unconvertible
let us examine if it finite be
but in reality repose is given
and thereupon dividedly to see
together into union nor remain
of elements insensate as i say
to feel sensation by a harmony
more an impalpable of elements
error by two-edged confutation
coequally with body and attain
with an immortal and a secular
unable to unravel us the cause
for office of utility likewise
as if with barriers opened now
venus deludes with idol-images
given example for creating all
ingrafted in eternal monuments
along the circle of the zodiac
in common any customs any laws
would generations of mortality
so better far in quiet to obey
dominion and supremacy so next
perils of war in yoked chariot
it becomes hot of own velocity
into our body equally its bane
in very doorway of destruction
perishes ever to annihilation
created for mortality herself
of life abideth for mortality
consist of elements corporeal
a satyress a feminine silenus
for his fatuity observing how
in any kind of body can exist
to be invariably born in time
not long ago its own exordium
of the immeasurable aeons old
inviolable entrusted evermore
or any other dolorous disease
on summit of acropolis beside
into the vacuum for of verity
the homeomeria of anaxagoras
of an immeasurable immensity
giving a lesson to mortality
forever nor eternally entomb
so in mobility it far excels
nor any bit soever flow away
the nature of reality and so
desirable dame for so men do
aroused in an all unholy war
alternately at fixed periods
enkindle its velocity and lo
and air in vast tumultuosity
of its own fiery exhalations
matuta also at a fixed hour
of the immeasurable ages lo
take on velocity anew anew
is not the least a marvel
has made our body strong
so that all things again
for each were nutriment
of the thessalian shell
and shakes it up inside
the three-fold geryon
immeasurably forth
can count the tale
others for others
is of their kind
whatever we see
with wondrous
and every


released July 31, 2020


all rights reserved



natalie braginsky New York

i make noise music because my aesthetic goal and life plan is to eventually make a sound so horrific that someone will hear it and immediately murder me

へ( ʘ͡ ₒ ʘ͡ )╮/\╱\

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