at fence 04:02


music i made in 2016.

why do i constantly get spam for depression help
why do i do this to myself
why do i even have this reaction
why do i hear you laugh
why do i need it
why do i need this
why do i still read comments
why do i still read these fucking comments
why do i want this

why am i awake
why am i doing so much worse than everybody else
why am i even watching this
why am i getting up at 7 or 8
why am i hearing the mendelssohn violin concerto
why am i improving so quickly
why am i in cupertino
why am i in this
why am i inaudible
why am i not asleep
why am i not surprised
why am i photoshopping me
why am i reading this
why am i speaking in iambic trimeter
why am i trying to live there
why am i watching this
why am i watching this
why am i watching this
why am i watching this

i am still alive
i am still here
i am still trying
i am still in love
i am still not sure


released December 31, 2016


all rights reserved



natalie braginsky New York

i make noise music because my aesthetic goal and life plan is to eventually make a sound so horrific that someone will hear it and immediately murder me

へ( ʘ͡ ₒ ʘ͡ )╮/\╱\

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